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I am just an ordinary housewife - retired from many years in the IT business.  Life has taken me on many twists and turns and I have survived them all.  Mother of three beautiful girls, Natasha, Evonne & Karen (who left us in 1993 to her new home in heaven), grandmother of four wonderful grandchildren (one beautiful girl and three handsome young men).  I was alone for five years after loosing my husband in 2001.  Marriage was NOT part of my agenda - but, met a wonderful man, married and now live a life of peace and tranquility on a farm close to the Magaliesburg mountains in South Africa.  I have never considered myself "Creative" and my motto was - I cannot even draw a straight line without a ruler!  Having come from a busy life as director of an IT company, remarrying and settling down to the Home Executive or commonly known as Housewife category - I soon found I needed something to keep me occupied!  I am sharing with you some of the creations I have come up with over the past two years!  It all started out with scrapbooking, doing both my daughters wedding albums.  But I am a person who constantly needs to be challenged - so I looked around in craft shops - did window shopping with my eyes (and even now and then stole a photo with my cell phone, lol) came home and tried my own creations, my own way, and often found cheaper methods of achieving my goals.

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Sit back, relax and enjoy!  Remember, You Can Be Creative Too!! If I could then anyone can!  PLEASE SIGN MY GUEST BOOK your feedback is important to me! Thank you!


06/06/2013 23:03


I have recently discovered a marvellous product called Powertex!  The sky is the limit and...
22/11/2012 08:45


At last the Blue Bulls Bra is completed!!!  I am busy with one for the Sharks and will post...
07/11/2012 09:08

Visitors notice

Look out for the new Blue Bulls and Sharks Bra's I will be making for the men's bars at home!


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